Radiologists @ Bendigo Radiology


Damien Cleeve

Dr Damien Cleeve returned to Bendigo in 1979 after completing his Medical and Radiological Training in Melbourne with further overseas training at the Duke University Medical Centre in North Carolina. Dr Cleeve was appointed Director of Radiology at the Bendigo Health Care Group in 1987 and continued this role until 2012. Damien is currently the Deputy Director at Bendigo Health.Bendigo Health Care Group acknowledged this service with Life Governorship presented in 2004. Dr Cleeve has continued a radiology teaching program for Melbourne University students from the Austin Clinical School since 1987. The new clinical school has allowed this program to expand to cater for Monash students in their third, fourth and final years.


Sarah Skinner

Dr Sarah Skinner completed her Medical and Radiology training in South Australia at Flinders University. She has also completed a fellowship in MRI at the Flinders Medical Centre in 2000, and subsequently undertook a 2 year fellowship in Nuclear Medicine at Flinders and the Alfred Hospital Melbourne.Dr Skinner’s interests include Nuclear Cardiology, Musculoskeletal, Neuro imaging and Body MRI. Sarah was the inaugural representative of the Junior Radiologist’s Group to RANZCR Education Board.Sarah was appointed Director of Radiology at Bendigo Health in 2013.


Rob Jarvis

Dr Robert Jarvis completed his FRANZCR Radiology training at the University of Melbourne.For several years thereafter he worked at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, St Vincent’s Hospital and was a partner at Chelmer Diagnostic Group until 1990.For over 16 years throughout this period, Dr Jarvis was an associate at the University of Melbourne, and played an active role in the training and teaching of Radiology registrars at both the Royal Melbourne Hospital and St Vincent’s Hospital on a weekly basis. In addition to his roles with training Early and Senior Registrars, Dr Jarvis also conducted regular Clinico-Radiological conferences for the Gastro-intestinal and Urology Units at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Dr Jarvis moved to Bendigo in 1991 where he became a partner in Bendigo Radiology. Dr Jarvis is currently the Deputy Director of Radiology at the Bendigo Health Care Group (Bendigo Base Hospital).


John Eng

Dr John Eng is a Radiologist and nuclear medicine specialist with interests in musculoskeletal and neurological MRI, body imaging, breast imaging and nuclear medicine cardiac perfusion imaging.He is also accredited in Bone Mineral Density and PET. He was the inaugural graduate from the Geelong Diagnostic Radiology training program and completed Nuclear Medicine fellowship training at the Austin Nuclear Medicine and PET Centre and at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.John regularly attends international conferences and workshops to keep up to date with the latest developments. He enjoys teaching students and registrars and has an active role as a GP liaison.


In vivo imaging of cellular proliferation in renal cell carcinoma using 18F fluorothymidine PET

Wong PK, Lee ST, Murone C, Eng J, Lawrentschuk N, Berlangieri SU, Pathmaraj K, O'Keefe GJ, Sachinidis J, Byrne AJ, Bolton DM, Davis ID, Scott AM. In vivo imaging of cellular proliferation in renal cell carcinoma using 18FfluorothymidinePET. Asia Oceania J Nucl Med Biol. 2014; 2(1): 3-11.


Jill Wilke

Dr Jill Wilkie trained in Medicine and Radiology in the UK. She attended the Middlesex and University College Schools of Medicine in London. Her General Medicine and Radiology Specialist Training took place at the Royal London Hospital and St Bartholomew’s Hospital. Jill spent her final year developing her special interest in Breast Imaging and Paediatric Radiology. Jill spent 8 years as a Consultant in Radiology, specialising in Breast Imaging, at the Luton & Dunstable Hospital Foundation Trust in the UK. She was also the lead Radiologist for Paediatrics and the joint lead Radiologist for gynaecological imaging. Jill has been involved in the NHS Breast Screening Programme as a Quality Assurance Radiologist, responsible for the Eastern UK Region, ensuring that standards are met and providing suggestions and targets for improvement.Having joined Bendigo Radiology in 2010, Jill has become the Director of Breastscreen Bendigo, again specialising in Breast Imaging.


Rachel Battye

Dr Rachel Battye completed medical training at University of Adelaide in 2001. After completing Radiology training in 2009, she also undertook a fellowship in MRI at Flinders 2008/2009. Currently working as a Consultant at Flinders in a part time capacity, Rachel’s areas of interest and expertise include head, neck and abdominal imaging, and MRI.Reporting remotely for Bendigo Radiology has allowed Rachel to combine radiology practice with caring for her young child. A Lecturer at Flinders University,Rachel teaches medical students and Radiology registrars and co-ordinates and conducts Clinical meetings weekly.



Dr Julius Tamangani completed an academic master of science degree in Radiology at St James’ University Hospital, Leeds, UK and proceeded to higher specialist training in Radiology at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, UK. Julius is a very accomplished General Radiologist and a Subspecialist expert in Neuroradiology and Head & Neck Imaging, and our Clinical Lead in these areas. He has published multiple papers in these fields. His other special interests include Interventional Radiology, Body Imaging and teaching medical students. He is our Mentor for Radiology Registrars and jointly manages new Radiologist recruitment with Dr Eng. He is currently developing an interest in Musculoskeletal Imaging. Julius is a dual fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists and RANZCR. Julius joined Bendigo Radiology in 2011 and we are delighted that he has recently become an Australian citizen.